Metal Lath Products

Metal Lath Products

CEMCO’s Metal Lath products include Expanded, Self-Furred, Paper-Backed, Cem-Mesh, Flat-Ribbed, and Hi-Ribbed produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel. Our full line of lath and plaster accessories includes Expansion and Control joint products by Niles, along with a multitude of screeds, weeps, corners, and architectural profiles. All CEMCO and Niles Building Product’s lath and plaster products meet or exceed the following industry standards:

  • ASTM A653 (steel).
  • ASTM’s C841, C847, and C1063 (forming).
  • ASTM C924 (coating).
  • UBC Standard No. 14-1
  • Federal Specification UU-B-790a.
  • ICC-ES Report no. 1623.


Expanded Metal Lath

CEMCO’s versatile metal lath is ideal as a plaster base and reinforcement for all types of construction in walls, ceilings, and fireproofing of steel beams and columns.

Expanded Metal Lath
Dimpled Self-Furred Metal Lath
Grooved Self-Furred Metal Lath

Flat Rib Lath

A more rigid lath that the diamond mesh, CEMCO’s Flat Rib lath with its 1/8” longitudinal ribs at 3” on center, provide for greater stiffness allowing wider spacing between wooden or metal supports.

CEM-MESH K, Self Furred
CEM-Mesh No Paper
CEM-MESH "El Grande" D-Paper

Hi Rib

The most rigid of CEMCO’s lath product line, the riblath has full 3/8” ribs running longitudinally through the lath 4” on center. Between each 3/8” rib is a 1/8” rib which provides for extra stiffness. The rigidity of this lath allows a span up to 24” on center for supporting members. CEMCO’s 3/8” rib is widely used for 1” solid partitions, ceilings, and walls and as reinforcements for concrete floor and roof slab.

3/8" Hi-Rib with K-Paper
3/8" Hi-Rib no paper


For decades the plastering industry has been plagued with moisture intrusion problems and the associated liability resulting from the damage. While building paper has been relied upon in an effort to eliminate failures in the building envelope, current building codes require that metal lath is to be attached every 6”. This equals 21 screw penetrations or 42 staple holes in every 10 ft. stud length through the last line of defense.
Our DIAMOND-FURR® Lath Attachment System has been designed with several major benefits in mind:
  • Eliminate as many faster penetrations through the moisture barrier as possible Diamond-Furr® Termination Trims eliminate 100% of the fastener penetrations at the termination points such as windows and doors.
  • Field Furring Strips reduce field penetrations by over 55% (100% elimination if a liquid air/water barrier is applied).
Create a means for continuous 3/8" furring.
  • Diamond-Furr® has a built-in Furring Strip to attach to metal lath. 
  • Lath never comes in contact with the moisture barrier.
  • Eliminates the potential for torn barriers due to over fastened screws.
  • Provides superior lath embedment in the scratch coat.
Meet the needs of the new energy code requirements when using 3-coat plaster over rigid insulation.
  • Entire line of Diamond-Furr® trims have been designed specifically for 3-coat plaster over rigid insulation.
  • Diamond-Furr®'s Details solve all of the questions of how to fasten and terminate lath and termination trims over rigid insulation. 
Create a flexible attachment method to reduce cracking.
  • Metal lath is attached to Diamond-Furr® by making a butterfly tie using 18 gage tie wire.
  • No fasteners means no fastener penetrations.
  • No penetrations eliminates the need for peel & stick barriers.
  • No peel & stick barriers means that a full 7/8" depth can be achieved which will result in less cracking.
Additional benefits include:
  • The DIAMOND-FURR® System accomplishes four steps in one product – Trim, Flashing, Furring and Lath Attachment.
  • Greatly reduces the amount of required caulking and the associated labor cost.
  • Decreases the use of petroleum based waterproofing membrane products.
  • Requires no electricity for lath attachment which reduces jobsite energy cost.
  • Provides a substantial reduction in project liability and contractor exposure to mositure migration responsibility.
DIAMOND-FURR® Trims and Furring Strips are an economical and logical solution to the moisture infiltration problems that have been troubling the plaster industry. We ask that you compare the cost on your next project and we think you'll agree that the DIAMOND-FURR® System is the right choice for all your plaster projects.  Please take a look at the video below for more details regarding Diamond-Furr® installation:

Brand X Metals new DIAMOND<>FURR system is now available through CEMCO. Watch this video, and visit to learn more about DIAMOND<>FURR today