Simpson Strong-Tie

CEMCO now carries the following Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Framing.

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SJC Steel Joist Connectors

SJC connectors have been specifically designed for various CFS joist, rafter and underside of metal-deck applications. The unique clip dimensions enable easy installation on the open side of joists and rafters with up to...

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SFC Steel Framing Connectors

SFC connectors are a low-cost, multi-use utility clips for light to moderate loading conditions in CFS stud-to-stud and stud-to-structure applications where long leg lengths are not required.

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SCHA Horizontal Slide Clip Connectors

Introducing the Simpson Strong-Tie® SCHA slide-clip connector — an ideal solution for panelized or stick-frame construction where cold-formed steel bypass framing anchors to the top of a floor slab or the bottom flang...

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RCKW15 Kneewall Connector

The Simpson Strong-Tie® RCKW rigid connectors have been developed to resist overturning moment at the base of exterior kneewalls and parapets as well as interior partial-height walls. These connectors offer a unique anc...

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MSSCKW Kneewall Connector

MSSC connectors are designed to work in tandem with Simpson Strong-Tie® BP1/2-3 bearing plates to provide solutions for moment-resisting kneewall applications.
Key Features

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LSUBH14 Light Bridging Connectors

LSUBH bridging connectors offer a lower-cost option to our popular SUBH/MSUBH u-channel bridging connectors. The LSUBH connector provides all the installation benefits of the SUBH/MSUBH connectors, and is suitable for ma...

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RCA Rigid Connector Angles

The rigid connector angle is a general- purpose clip angle that can be used for miscellaneous head/sill connections to jamb studs, jamb stud reinforcement at track, u-channel bridging, stud-blocking, by-pass curtainwall ...

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DTC Head-of-Wall Slide Clips

DTC clips are a cost-effective solution for light-duty, head-of-wall
slide clip applications. The 1 5/8" slot will allow ¾" movement in
each direction.
Material: 43 mil (18...

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DBC13 R Drywall Clips

Patented design allows for 1 or 2 screw installation of the DBC, significantly reducing labor and material cost. The first and only connector load rated for 3/4" u-channel, the DBC joins the SUBH line of bridging connect...

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SSB Bypass Framing Slip-Clip Strut Connectors

The SSB connector is a versatile strut connector that is commonly used at the bottom of a steel beam to accommodate large stand-off conditions. It accommodates 1" of upward and 1" of downward movement.

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